Girl About Town: Swindon Town Centre in Review

Click below to read the controversial article that has sparked comments such as “Born and Bred Here. Even I say the Town is Crap”, “It’s like Syria with 99p shops” and, my favourite, “This is a poorly written article with a plethora of spelling errors”.

Nablopomo Day 4: On Going from Blogger to Newspaper Reporter

As well as the 9-5 jobbing, blogging, managing social grouping, gyming, and the occasional bit of baking, I’ve recently been appointed as the events and features reporter at The Swindonian online newspaper. Eek, exciting stuff! It marks the start of a new platform and readership base (it also goes to show I must be doing an alright job thus far).

Feedback so far has been very positive and I’ve already been do a couple of event write ups. After that I’m keen to get my teeth stuck into the next article. Who knew, I actually don’t need to rely on photos to do a solid bit of writing.

In celebration of my first article (and also on the eve of Saturday) here is the link to discover how to have a cultured morning in Swindon. Enjoy.