Podcast Interview: Stratford Calling

Stratford(-Upon-Avon) Calling is a new podcast series, promoting individuals and businesses in and around Warwickshire.

The series is available to download on all major podcast providers, including Spotify (search ‘Stratford Calling’).

Emma kindly interviewed me as part of episode 7, where I feature alongside the town’s new mayor and a dog grooming service (it’s a unique mix, I grant you).

In my segment you’ll find me talking all things bloggy and the challenges and opportunities it brings for creative types such as myself. I also read out my poem Sometimes It’s Hard.

(I wanted to read Mr Blobby’s Take on Mental Health, but we agreed that it would quickly turn into a lengthy discussion of everything 1990s.)

Stratford Calling Podcast

Bio: “This week I speak to the new Mayor of Stratford, Councillor Tony Jackson, and find out exactly what it is a Mayor does, and to Sophie from Happy Paws in the Shire, about doggy holidays to the beach and fussing and feeding our feline friends. I also speak to local blogger, Alice, who writes the blog ‘My Housemates A Mermaid’, about her very interesting housemate, and she shares her lockdown poem with us.”

Jump to 24:25 to listen to my interview in full.


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Nablopomo Day 4: On Going from Blogger to Newspaper Reporter

As well as the 9-5 jobbing, blogging, managing social grouping, gyming, and the occasional bit of baking, I’ve recently been appointed as the events and features reporter at The Swindonian online newspaper. Eek, exciting stuff! It marks the start of a new platform and readership base (it also goes to show I must be doing an alright job thus far).

Feedback so far has been very positive and I’ve already been do a couple of event write ups. After that I’m keen to get my teeth stuck into the next article. Who knew, I actually don’t need to rely on photos to do a solid bit of writing.

In celebration of my first article (and also on the eve of Saturday) here is the link to discover how to have a cultured morning in Swindon. Enjoy.