TV and Radio Appearances

BBC Radio



See Me Too

Funded by Arts Council England, a documentary on diversity and the changing shape of what ‘building a career’ means to different people in the new decade. Filmed in March 2020.

See Me Too Interview
Photo taken on set.


Special Features

Stratford Calling

Podcast Interview, August 2020. (Skip to 24:25.)

Ones to Watch Podcast: Writer Alice E. Bennett

Podcast Bio:

This week we’re meeting Finance professional and writer Alice E. Bennett (author of comedy blog My Housemate’s a Mermaid).

Having relocated to London for work, Alice provides a first-hand insight into the challenges of renting in the capital, getting onto the housing ladder and how a career in Financial Services is continually helping to shape her success as a creative writer.


BBC Politics

BBC Sunday Politics

Asks of the next UK Prime Minister


BBC Radio

Brexit, What Now?

Panel discussion

Blog post: Bennett on Brexit


Press Coverage

Sample below, portfolio available on request.

Summer Ball 2016 Write Up (The Swindon Advertiser)
Speed Friending

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