TV and Radio Appearances

BBC Radio



See Me, Hear Me (working title)

Funded by Arts Council England, a documentary on diversity and the changing shape of what ‘building a career’ means to different people in the new decade. Filmed in March 2020.

See Me Too Interview
Photo taken on set.

Currently in production, final output TBC Winter/Spring 2021.


Special Features

Stratford Calling

Podcast Interview, August 2020. (Skip to 24:25.)

Ones to Watch Podcast: Writer Alice E. Bennett

Podcast Bio:

This week we’re meeting Finance professional and writer Alice E. Bennett (author of comedy blog My Housemate’s a Mermaid).

Having relocated to London for work, Alice provides a first-hand insight into the challenges of renting in the capital, getting onto the housing ladder and how a career in Financial Services is continually helping to shape her success as a creative writer.


BBC Politics

BBC Sunday Politics

Asks of the next UK Prime Minister


BBC Radio

Brexit, What Now?

Panel discussion

Blog post: Bennett on Brexit


Press Coverage

Sample below, portfolio available on request.

Summer Ball 2016 Write Up (The Swindon Advertiser)
Speed Friending

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