“Another Chance” is SUCH a Throwback Banger

You know what song I recently rediscovered? “Another Chance”, by Roger Sanchez.

And if not for the track itself, then for this surprisingly emotive music video:

“Can’t come inside.”


“Heart’s too big.”

Things like that are deeper on a level that I never really picked up when I first heard the song.

Given this track came out in 2001 (yes, it’s 20 years old), growing up it was one of the first music videos I remember seeing with a story to tell. The actors are relatable in their looks, they talk over the track, the DJ artist is visually non existent. While the idea of a woman carting a massive physical heart around New York City isn’t particularly believable, the message and sentiment behind it resonated for thousands (if not millions) of people.

Compare this to its industry-defining successor, Eric Prydz’s “Call on Me” which came out 3 years later, in 2004.

It’s a banger, but as a result did we really need to have five years of music videos filled with this?

Fun fact, every time you watch “Perfect”, a Feminist dies.

Also, another fun fact, “Another Chance” features a sample of Toto’s “I Won’t Hold You Back” (as if you needed more reason to love this song).


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