A Picture Paints a Thousand Commutes

As my well known saying goes “a picture paints a thousand commutes” and nothing sums this up more than this photo taken at Oxford train station on Friday 3rd June 2016 at around 18:20.


This installation has multiple meanings depending on how one interprets it.

  • A representation of the modern commuter, striving for the finish line, yet being held back by means beyond their control. When they are released from their binding they hit the floor, little reward for the delay.
  • Western struggles.
  • The ruddy economy (I blame the immigrants/Donald Trump – delete as appropriate).
  • The perfect man/woman. You have a hankering for salt and vinegar one week, the next you are more a cheese and onion kinda person. The moment that happens you end up with two packets of salt and vinegar, the flavour you don’t want two of. (Psst I’m talking about relationships)
  • The government taking control and telling you “you ain’t eating no crisps tonight fatty”. The Big Brother state is already upon us my friends.
  • How come the vending machine contains only McCoys crisps and how come they’re only salt and vinegar flavour? This image represents the crispism and oppression on crisp brands placed on us by society.
  • It’s the work of Jesus. (The religious interpretation).
  • I’m sorry, how much is a Twix? £1.00?! Err no thanks. (The Alice Bennett interpretation).
  • For Christ’s sake, it’s just a packet of crisps stuck in a vending machine.


I should be working in a high end art gallery. My top-notch ability to spin and waffle are being completely underused in my current position. If you want to own this image it can be yours for only £10,000,000 (open to negotiation, also selling dodgy print copies of said image printed on cheap paper for £100 + postage).

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