Gone are the Days

Alarm clock – gone

Night’s sleep – gone

Ten minute lie in – gone

Organised wardrobe – gone

Matching shoes – gone

Planned outfit – gone

Stress free morning – gone

Tidy bedroom – gone

Breakfast – gone

Coat on rack – gone

Car on drive – gone

Silent office – gone

Black screen – gone

Strong coffee – gone

Sluggish demeanour – gone

One email – gone

Two emails – gone

Three emails – on hold

Telephone call – gone

Presentation – gone

Short lunch break – gone

Three emails – gone

Three hundred emails – gone

Meetings – gone

In tray – anything but gone

Car engine – gone

Mechanic – gone

Last bus – gone

Peaceful commute – gone

Warm house – gone

Food – gone

Wine – gone

Takeaway order – gone

Delivery driver – gone

Meatfeast pizza – gone

Decent TV – gone

Cold relief tablets – gone

Ingredient / side effect sheet – gone

Alertness – gone

Energy – gone

Wide eyes – gone


Alarm clock – gone

Night’s sleep – gone …



(Written in response to the WordPress Word Prompt of the day Gone)

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