Nablopomo Day 25: Update on Living Arrangements

It has been a little while since I provided an updated on my living arrangements, so here is a quick summary.

Location: Still based in Swindon

Company: Still working for that same national organisation

Department: UPDATE – back in March I moved from the Commercial department to Marketing

House: Still living in 22 Starfish Road* (*not actual street name)

Housemates: Still living with Cherice and Becki the mermaid. UPDATE – I now also live with Amy who works at the head office of a high street newsagent firm, and Alex who, for whatever reason, can’t tell us where he works (we’re thinking Ministry of Defence or mafia boss)

Hobbies: Still managing the Swindon 18-30 group, hitting the gym, baking and (obviously) blogging. UPDATE – I now also write articles for a local online paper, The Swindonian

Transport: Still car-less. UPDATE – now much better at navigating the public bus system

In general: Still making the same mistakes and being wonderfully me. Classic Alice lives on.

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