Nablopomo Day 6: Holidays Are Coming

The lights have ended and the bangs have fizzled away. The embers have faded and the ash is sodden. November 5 is over.

With the completion of bonfire night we herald in the preparations for the next event, something which, like it or not, is bigger than all the corporate western festivals (Valentines, Easter, Mother’s, Father’s day, Halloween…) all of them put together. To name this religious festival is to ring in all the spectrum of human emotion, reaction and opinion. To interpret it is to incite heated debate.

If you still do not know of the season I am referring to, let me enlighten you with the assistance of a video which traditionally marks the beginning of the festive season. A jingle which sees people dust off their themed jumpers and superstores follow suit with television adverts months in the making. The famous advert has taken many forms over the years, but the message remains the same. The message is simply this:

“The Holidays Are Coming”

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