Nablopomo Day 5: Fireworks Night

Happy Guy Fawkes Day, alias bonfire/firework night.

Now, I’m not really sure how if this is a ‘thing’ across the world. If it is I’m fairly certain the history behind it is unknown to most people (it’s unknown to a worrying amount of people in this country). Luckily my favourite show ever, Horrible Histories, is on hand to give a brief summary to the plot:

See kids, History is cool!

In recent years Halloween has started to somewhat overtake bonfire night in terms of public status. I mean Halloween has spooky creatures, sweets and sugar skulls whereas bonfire night is all about rained off events, dodgy Chinese fireworks and safety videos that give you nightmares.

That scream.

This year though I’ve made a conscious effort to remember bonfire night which is why I’m heading to a display tonight. It also gives me the excuse to dance about to Katy Perry’s song Firework as I prepare my outfit choice (consisting of many, many layers of jumpers). In truth, firework displays usually give me terrible headache and neck crane injuries that last for days afterwards. They normally always end in an anti-climax, where you never really know when the display has actually finished on account of the massive gaps left between each set of fireworks being set off. And don’t get me started on the whole “check your bonfires for hedgehogs” warnings, I still get worked up if I see people making bonfires days beforehand.

What I do like about bonfire night though is what follows after. After bonfire night we are on the home stretch for Christmas, and that is festival I can get behind.

That in mind, bring on the fireworks!


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