The Very British Struggles of a 20-Something Commuter – #3

Struggle #3 – A Literal Nightmare

Friday 16th October 2015: Stood at Oxford station on what can only be described as the first commute of Autumn. Goodness it’s brisk tonight! Can really feel the darkness creeping in too. In an office outfit of black trousers and top, all I can do is huddle deep into my dark padded coat and nibble on my piece of free shortbread obtained from work, wrapped in a mean piece of cling film reused from lunch. I must look like Jane Eyre right now.

Oh my God, Jesus, I’m turning into Jane Eyre. I’m becoming my own literary nightmare.

Still gonna nibble on my shortbread though. I mean it is edible after all.


2 thoughts on “The Very British Struggles of a 20-Something Commuter – #3

    • All saved on my phone from before. Been meaning to upload some of these for a while. I’ve got ones about the rugby world cup that I need to upload at some point!

      (Ps thanks for helping to maintain my super cool image mum. x)


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