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Having read some of the content on MHAM, the editorial team on the book reviewing platform Reedsy Discovery approached me with a favourable proposition. Behind the scenes a few conversations have been taking place but now some of my reviews have gone live I can officially announce that as of this month I have have joined the team at Reedsy as an verified book reviewer.

To say those reviews are going down well is perhaps a smidge of an understatement. Put it this way, I have been ranked as number two.

*Polishes knuckles on chest*

To help maintain a healthy balance with work/life/my other writing exploits my reviewing inbox is currently open to mostly non-fiction and short story. My reviews are published on the website to coincide with the book’s publication release date so expect plenty more going live in the upcoming weeks.


Since starting I have already been approached by several independently published authors to ask for my services in an editorial capacity. Therefore…

In addition to book reviews (which you can submit to me direct), I am now also taking on commissions as a Developmental Editor.

Drop me an email with an overview of your work in progress (details on the contact tab) and I will get back to you.


Keep an eye out on the MHAM webpage (even better if you subscribe) for plenty of upcoming book reviews as I vet my way through some of the best hidden gems independent publishing has to offer.

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