Book Review: ‘Living My Best “Single Mum” Life’ by Louise Mathison

Rating: 5 stars

Headline: I will be carrying this book with me, long after I have closed the covers


Detailing her life post separation and divorce, Living My Best “Single Mum” Life is an autobiographical account of the Australian businesswoman Louise Mathison. Over the course of fourteen years, Mathison recounts the struggles of transitioning from a life of relative dependence, working in her husband’s business, to forging a new career whilst raising two daughters single-handed. The overall story presented by Mathison is one of challenge and success, with plenty of guidance for other single parents who may be currently undergoing a similar situation.

I really enjoyed this book. Mathison’s writing style is objective, staying away from the easy trap of turning these 140 pages into blame-pointing, instead choosing to place honesty front and centre. In a section dedicated to the turbulent upbringing of her children, Mathison goes into a level of detail most parents would not dream of doing in a coffee shop with close friends, let alone in a published autobiography.

Of interest to many readers will be the author’s choice to merge characteristic elements of the traditional self-help genre into this book. For instance, in the chapter “Finding Your Passion”, Mathison makes a point of drawing the reader in, flipping the focus from that of her personal experience to encourage the reader to reflect on their own. While not present in every chapter, these ‘flip’ moments, offer a unique and perhaps poignant chance to remind the reader that for those undergoing a similar experience that there is hope for the future. Guidance is gentle and reassuring, as if it was coming from the dear and trusted friend you have known for years.

At the start of this book Mathison states that despite remaining open minded towards dating, at the time of writing she is still a happily single woman. While some of her specific hardships are not directly applicable to my personal life experiences, I felt incredibly humbled to have been brought along on her journey. It is a book that I will be carrying with me, long after I have closed the covers.

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