Book Review: “House Moving Therapy” by Mila Petrova

Rating: 3 stars

Headline: A book which tries to boil the ocean in its style with somewhat tepid results


House Moving Therapy by Mila Petrova is, if nothing else, a creative homage to one determined author’s relentless determinism and resilience toward frequent property moves. Using her personal experiences, Petrova brings to market a guide which aims to support readers going through relocations, be it through the author’s empathetic words or in the medium of tough love, providing instruction on how to get through the ordeal as swiftly as possible. Throughout, Petrova’s advice is considerate, factoring in the impact property moves can have on one’s mental health and wallet.

The structure of this book is straightforward enough, five chronological sections with multiple chapters listed underneath, coupled summary boxes as conclusions to most of the key chapters. At nearing four hundred pages long, there is certainly a lot to digest here in terms of content. This is probably the book’s major stumbling block, one which limits its potential audience. While in places Petrova bestows some valuable tokens of advice (e.g., how to decide what items to keep versus what to throw away, how to ship items to a new address without breaking the bank), these insights are bogged down in far too much surrounding copy that could have been cut out altogether. Long paragraphs have a tendency to veer somewhat off topic, switching from numbered bullets to detailed descriptions of Petrova’s past life, in a way that feel more akin to memoir than self-help. At points it feels like the author has lost focus on the book’s intended purpose.

Personally, I think this book would have benefited from being split in two; one book covering the practical ‘how to’ of moving house and a second publication that was more reflective in outlook, focusing on the author’s personal experiences. This follow-on title would been beneficial memoir in its own right. Petrova’s writing is of a respectable calibre to produce both stand-alone books, instead of one chunky title.

House Moving Therapy tries to boil the ocean by tackling distinct two genres in one book and in this case, the writing just isn’t quite up to par to pull it off.

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