Reviewing the “Books That Matter” Subscription Box

Question: Do you remember that time when a feminist book subscription service was pitched on Dragon’s Den (the UK version of Shark Tank)?

Here’s a reminder if not.

To quote their website…

Books That Matter is the award-winning subscription box empowering women, powered by women. We platform marginalised voices by curating unique and inspiring reading experiences through our monthly book boxes which contain a female or non-binary authored book and themed gifts.

And guess which lucky sausage got given a box to review?

That’s right, the actual influencers. But through the wonders of a competition I have no recollection of entering (“you say blackout drunk, I say blackout Googling”) I am now the proud owner of a three month subscription. And boy, am I very excited by this development.

(So happy, I decided that throwing a blanket over my office chair would be enough to blend it seamlessly into the background…)

Then I thought “why stop there, why not do one of those unboxing-type videos?”

I enjoyed putting this quick rough-and-ready video together. No makeup, no regrets! It’s simple but heck, aren’t we all?

Debating whether to do this for the subsequent boxes I receive. Given the amount of cards I’m now in possession of and all the leftover Christmas bath bombs, I have visions of me swimming in bath salts by the time I get to June. And reading wise…well, I guess I just need to start reading more (and more quickly!)

Products featured in my Books That Matter subscription box

Book: Amazing Grace Adams by Fran Littlewood

Treat: Greetings cards and bookmark by Sunshine Llama

Treat: 70% coca chocolate by Alter Eco

Treat: Frosting bath slab by Miss Patisserie

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