The Final Days in My Twenties, Reduced to This

This is what it’s come down to. The final days of my 29th year, of being in my twenties, reduced to comparing the soft close action of different toilet seats.

So naturally I go and buy said product and I have to say it looks pretty sweet* (*in its cellophane packaging).

It doesn’t end there. Having got so excited by one soft-close Bemis toilet seats (also because they’re on offer), I go and buy another two.

Bemis really need to get me onto whatever loyalty discount programme they’re running.

I suppose there is some sort of poetic notion to this event, especially when I compare it to the start of my twenties, back when I was 21, shopping for toilet roll and decided to start this blog.

Ah well, here’s to a new decade of life in the craz-ay thirt-ays!

(It sounded better in my head.)


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