Review of “Doorways to Transformation” Named as Spotlight for Reedsy Discovery

My review of Karen Kinney’s “Doorways to Transformation” has been selected as one of Reedsy Discovery’s spotlighted reviews.

(FAQ / Why this has got me a little bit chuffed)

What is Reedsy Discovery?

Reedsy Discovery supports authors by placing newly published titles in the hands of book reviewers, like me! As well as a full library of titles to browse through, Reedsy Discovery also compiles a selection of “spotlighted reviews” each month.

Why is it a big deal to be spotlighted?

I only started typing proper book reviews in July. There are 2428 book reviewers on Reedsy (at time of writing) and already one of my reviews has been bumped to the top.

It might not be the Literary Review or New York Times, but it’s got me chuffed.

Does this mean you’re going to stop your creative writing?


So, Champagne’s on Alice..?

Ha! No. While I’d love to say being spotlighted on Reedsy comes with financial incentives, it doesn’t.

In summary

Support new authors, always support independent and high street bookstores and, if you have a spare minute, support the reviewers by upvoting and sharing what we do.


Could you spare a dollar? Pay it forward and donate here!

Alice’s Funding Page


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